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why cant i get pregnant

Question: Why cant i get pregnant?

Answer: Because you don't have sex. You will learn about how the bees fucks the flowers when you get older. 

No joke answer: There is many reasons why you don't get pregnant. 


1. Drinking alcohol

- Drinking more than 4 units a week may reduce your chance to get pregnant. This is because you lose energy and apatite. 

2. Smoking Tobacco 

- Smoking will reduce your fertility and can also be very harmful for the unborn baby.  

3. Caffeine

- Don't drink more than 1 cup of coffee or tea a day. Caffeine will decrease fertility in women and lower sperm counts in males.

4. Laziness

- If you're not active and just lay on the couch all day, you also have less sex. Do you even lift? 

5. Obese

- If you're obese. Stop being obese. Obesity tends to affect the menstrual cycle which becomes irregular and unpredictable.