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Does the iphone 6 bend

Question: Does the iphone 6 bend?

Right after apple released the new iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus, a story came out that shocked the world. Some guy managed to bend his brand new iphone 6 plus. Ever since, people have been trying to bend their iphone to become a member of the bendgate group. If you are in the bend gang, it shows that you are muscular (which is very uncommon among apple users). Bending an iphone 6 isn't really that hard. You can just bend it with your fingers, or even download the "bendme" app to do it for you. The app overheats the battery untill the iphone melts and it gets bended. 

There are still rumors about the nokia 3310 that was found bended in the forrest. Must have been Chuck Norris. 

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