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why is africa so poor

Question: Why is africa so poor?

Answer: White people. Yeah, that was funny. 

Serious answer (copy/paste from 


Africa has always been poor.  Indeed, for most of human history, the whole world has been poor.  It was really only in the 18th century with the industrial and agricultural revolutions that North Western Europe, especially England, started to lift itself out of poverty.  It is a case of Western exceptionalism. 

Why this occurred is a complex story.  But the rise of democratic government, openness to trade and investment, and the development of science and education are part of the story.  And as Western Europe developed offshoots in North America and Australasia, prosperity spread with it.  Japan then followed with the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century.  But, then it was not until recent decades that much of the rest of East Asia started to develop rapidly.  Again, globalization and good economic management are an important part of this story.

So, the question is why has Africa not been able to develop in the same way that Western, and East Asian countries have been able to do so. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE (Directs you to