Stupid Google Questions Is the moon made of cheese? Can i eat my period?

Where can I use a fax machine

Question: Where can I use a fax machine?

Answer: You can use a fax machine in your bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, and yeah. Pretty much anywhere there's electric power and a copper wire.

Must we mean what we say

Question: Must we mean what we say?

Answer: No, or yes, or no. I don't know. 

How to save money

Question: How to save money?

Answer: Stop using money and avoid all internet saving tips. Even this one! Why save your money? You're saving it so you can spend it anyway.

Is the slender man real

Question: Is the slender man real?

Answer: No… Or yes? Slender man is based of a German rumour back in the 16th century. It's about a tall, disfigured man with only white spheres where his eyes should be, called "the tall man." (Der Großmann in german) 

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Where is Chuck Norris

Question: Where is Chuck Norris?

Answer: You don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Chuck Norris is everywhere.