Stupid Google Questions Is the moon made of cheese? Can i eat my period?

Can I eat my iPod Is that illegal

Question: Can I eat my iPod Is that illegal?

Answer: There is no law against eating any electronics, but it is of course not recommended. The battery's contents are not good for you, and you could end up in the hospital or even die because of it.

Can I eat my period

Question: Can I eat my period? 

Answer: It is not advised to swallow any of your flow, which is why oral sex is not recommended on your period. 

Will iphone 5 have siri

Question: Will iphone 5 have siri?

Answer: Yes, Iphone 5 will have the full "Siri" function. 

Where can i take an iq test

Question: Where can i take an iq test?

Answer: There is no IQ test that is 100% accurate on the internet. If you try out 4 different iq tests, you will most likely end up with 4 different results. But i guess you could try THIS ONE out. 

Will it snow for christmas

Question: Will it snow for christmas?

Answer: Depends on where you live. Click here to check the forecast for your location.