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Does the iphone 6 bend

Question: Does the iphone 6 bend?

Right after apple released the new iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus, a story came out that shocked the world. Some guy managed to bend his brand new iphone 6 plus. Ever since, people have been trying to bend their iphone to become a member of the bendgate group. If you are in the bend gang, it shows that you are muscular (which is very uncommon among apple users). Bending an iphone 6 isn't really that hard. You can just bend it with your fingers, or even download the "bendme" app to do it for you. The app overheats the battery untill the iphone melts and it gets bended. 

There are still rumors about the nokia 3310 that was found bended in the forrest. Must have been Chuck Norris. 

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What is snapchat

Question: What is snapchat?

Answer: (copy/paste from - Snapchat is a photo messaging application developed by four Stanford students.Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their photos, up to 10 seconds, after which it will be deleted from the recipient's device and the company's servers.

So in a other way: A place for teenagers to show off their nudes.

Is the onion real

If you are refering to the onion news, NO, ofc it's not real. But it's fun, and always fun to read the shocking comments they get on youtube!

The onion news is a fake news program. Watch this episode, World of world of warcraft. Hillarious!


What would happen if I


Question: What would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other?

Answer: A good laugh. (Someone seriously needs to do this as a prank)


Question: What would happen if I drilled a hole through the earth and jumped in

Answer (From, copy/paste): Want to really get away from it all? The farthest you can travel from home (and still remain on Earth) is about 7,900 miles (12,700 kilometers) straight down, but you'll have to journey the long way round to get there: 12,450 miles (20,036 kilometers) over land and sea.

Why not take a shortcut, straight down? You can get there in about 42 minutes — that's short enough for a long lunch, assuming you can avoid Mole Men, prehistoric reptiles and underworld denizens en route. Granted, most Americans would end up in the Indian Ocean, but Chileans could dine out on authentic Chinese, and Kiwis could tuck into Spanish tapas for tea [sources: NOVA; Shegelski].

Of course, you'd be in for a rough ride. First, you'd have to pass through 22-44 miles (35-70 kilometers) of continental crust (3-6 miles/5-10 kilometers on the ocean floor) followed by 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) of mantle. After that, you'd have to traverse a Mars-sized outer core of liquid iron churning as hot as the sun's surface (10,000 degrees F, or 5,500 degrees C), then a solid, moon-sized inner core, and, some studies suggest, a liquid innermost core [sources: Angier; Locke; NOVA].

For sake of argument (and survival) let's pretend the Earth is a cold, uniform, inert ball of rock. While we're at it, let's ignore air resistance.

At the Earth's surface, gravity pulls on us at 32 feet (9.8 meters) per second squared. That means that, for each second you fall, you speed up by 32 feet per second — but only near Earth's surface. Gravity is a function of mass, and mass is a property of matter. On the surface, all of Earth's matter lies below your feet but, as you fall, more and more of it surrounds you, exerting its own gravity. These horizontal tugs counterbalance each other and cancel out, but the increasing proportion of mass above your head exerts a growing counterforce to the proportionately decreasing mass below, so your acceleration slows as you near the core. At the planet's center, your acceleration due to gravity is zero — Earth's mass surrounds you, gravity cancels out and you are weightless [sources: Locke; Singh].

You're still moving at a heck of a clip, though, so don't expect to stop there. Halfway to the center, your speed hits 15,000 mph (24,000 kph); 21 minutes after jumping in, you blow past the center at 18,000 mph (29,000 kph). Another 21 minutes later, with gravity slowing you as you go, you reach the far side and stop briefly in midair. Unless someone catches you, you'll then head back the way you came and start all over again. In our idealized case, this will continue indefinitely, like a pendulum or a spring, in a process called harmonic motion [sources: NOVA; Plait; Shegelski; UCSB].

Of course, reality has a tendency to intrude on even the best thought experiments.




Question: What would happen if I ate myself?


Answer: You would become twice as big! No, you would disappear into nothing. – Or just die staying the same size. 


Question: What would happen if I format my c drive?


Answer: If you format your c drive the HDD / SSD would expand into a black hole. It's pretty cool you should check it out. Altso delete system 32 while your at it!

- If you format your c drive you just delete everything on it. Including your operative system (windows, linux, iOS).


The answer to life the universe and everything

According to the google calculator, the answer to life the universe and everything is 42. Well ofcourse!