Stupid Google Questions Is the moon made of cheese? Can i eat my period?

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Is anybody out there

Google search: Is anybody out there


- Funny thing: 90% of the searches was done 22. dec 2012. Did the world end? Let's ask google. 

Sometimes when I am alone

sometimes when i am alone i pretend im a carrot Sometimes when i am alone I…. WTF? This is insanity! 

1. Sometimes when i am alone i cry

2. Sometimes when I am alone i pretend im a carrot

3. Sometimes when I am alone I cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug

4. Sometimes when I am alone i fill my bathub with tomato sauce and pretend i'm a meatball


Well, that escalated quickly..


But what about this one – Sometimes i like to lay on the floor and pretend im a carrot

This must come to an end. 

Can everything kill you

Question: Can everything kill you?

Answer: Almost. Even a single molecule of water can kill you with high enough speed. 

Is the kkk still around

Question: Is the kkk still around?

Answer: Yes, the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is still active and around in the US today. 

Can women be color blind

Question: Can women be color blind?

Answer: Yes, of course! The rate is low, but there is a chance. In most cases the father is color blind as well. Approximately 5% to 8% of men and 0.5% of women are born colorblind.