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why is a hamburger called a hamburger

Question: Why is a hamburger called a hamburger?

Answer: Because it's ham… and burger. The term "burger" is applied to the word "meaty patty." 

why is a tomato a fruit

Question: Why is tomato a fruit?

Answer: The tomato is a vegetable fruit. So it's both a fruit and a vegetable. 

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Actually, the tomato is a vegetable fruit! In the scientific sense fruits are mature plant ovaries, but what we eat often includes adjacent or accessory parts of the mother plant.

For example the true "fruit" part of a strawberry (which is actually not a berry at all, but an "accessory fruit" like the apple!) is those tiny brown seeds or "achenes" embedded on the surface of the sweet juicy strawberry, which is an edible part of the mother flower.

The tomato is a special type of fruit called a berry, that consists of a single ovary with many seeds surrounded by juicy flesh.

Grapes are another example of berry fruits, but we grow them differently than tomatoes because grapevines are long-lived woody plants.

So why are tomatoes considered vegetable fruits? Because they grow on leafy green vines that we plant each spring along with other vegetable fruits like peas and pumpkins that only survive for one summer.

The true vegetables are foods like spinach or cabbage that are grown and eaten immature as leaves or leafy buds, before they produce their fruits and seeds.

Does beer expire

Question: Does beer expire? 

Answer: Yes. Beer can expire quick if not kept in proper conditions. By quick I mean up to a cuple of months. It usually takes up to a year for it to expire.

How do I know if my beer is expired?

The taste is sour, over carbonated and clody looking. 

Sometimes when I am alone

sometimes when i am alone i pretend im a carrot Sometimes when i am alone I…. WTF? This is insanity! 

1. Sometimes when i am alone i cry

2. Sometimes when I am alone i pretend im a carrot

3. Sometimes when I am alone I cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug

4. Sometimes when I am alone i fill my bathub with tomato sauce and pretend i'm a meatball


Well, that escalated quickly..


But what about this one – Sometimes i like to lay on the floor and pretend im a carrot

This must come to an end. 

Is popcorn healthy

Question: Is popcorn healthy?

Answer: No, it's not healthy. But it contains healthy antioxidant compounds called polyphenols (found in red wine and chocolate).